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3. Traveling to Japan



General information

Visa waiver measures for German nationals as well nationals from other countries and regions
German nationals as well as nationals from other countries and regions (see here) can enter Japan without a visa for short stays of up to 90 days (this includes: touristic travel, business trips, attending a conference, remote work for employer outside Japan, visiting relatives/ friends, attending language schools, unpaid internships, unpaid research work etc.).
For further Information on travelling to Japan please click HERE

○ For general information about Visa: Visa Hotline 


Application and fees

Please apply at the consulate or embassy responsible for your place of residence.

The following procedure applies to visa applications at the Embassy of Japan in Berlin:
- Applications can be submitted at the earliest 3 months before departure.
- Applications outside the consular area of the embassy will be rejected.
- Processing time: at least 5 working days (provided all documents are complete and correct), possibly longer. Please submit your application in good time.
How to apply
- At the embassy: Possible. Without an appointment during opening hours either in person or by proxy.
- By post: Possible. Address: Botschaft von Japan, Konsularabteilung, Hiroshimastr. 6, 10785 Berlin
Please do not send the original passport/ residence permit, but only copies. The original passport must then be presented when collecting the visa. After receiving your documents, you will be notified via email. Please make sure your email address is clearly written on the application form.
- By email: Not possible.

○ Visa fee

○ General contact and opening hours of the Embassy

Visa categories and required documents

1. Temporary stay ("single entry", max. 90 days)
    ○ Tourism
    ○ Business (business trip, attending a conference, short study trip etc.)
    ○ Visiting relatives/ friends

2. Visa with Certificate of Eligibility CoE  --- Info for artists and orchestras
3. Working Holiday  --- FAQ
4. Internship Visa 
5. Visa for JSPS and MEXT Scholarships
6. J-Skip/ J-Find

In case of questions and uncertainties concerning visa, please contact the consular section:
Tel: +49 (0) 30 210 94 0


Important information

Final permission to enter Japan is decided by the authorities at the seaports and airports in Japan. Please note that possession of a valid visa is not a guarantee of entry to Japan, but is one - but not the only - requirement.
For general questions regarding entry and residence procedures, the Japanese Immigration Service has established an information center:
Immigration Services Agency of Japan "Foreign Residents Information Center”
Tel. Inland/ Domestic: 0570-013904
Tel. Ausland/ Overseas: +81-3-5796-7112


2. Consular Service

○ Application for a criminal record certificate (Führungszeugnis

○ Information for Japanese Citizens
Regarding the formalities and the necessary documents for services of the consular section, such as passport application, marriage, birth or divorce registration, please contact the Embassy directly to discuss further procedures. 
Information for Japanese citizens living in Germany on the homepage of the Embassy of Japan in Berlin 
Japanese Passport (for non-German parents)